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Vancouver Alpen Club
4875 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC
V5N 4P3
Phone: 604.874.3811
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Dine In Menu Pricing Only


The perfect platter to share: Feast for Four$94.95

1 full size oven roasted pork hock, 4 schnitzel, 4 Bavarian meatloaf,
and assorted sausages. Served with spatzle, red cabbage and sauerkraut.

Make it half: Feast for Two$50.95

1/2 oven roasted pork hock, 2 schnitzel, 2 Bavarian meatloaf,
and assorted sausages. Served with spatzle, red cabbage and sauerkraut.

Haxen Thursday$21.50

1/2 Crispy oven roasted pork hock served with sauerkraut and pan-fried potatoes.

Feast for Two

Sausage Platter

Soups, Salads & Starters

Hungarian Goulash Soup $12.95

Home-style slow cooked goulash, simmered to perfection.
Served with bread.

Soup of the Day $8.45

Ask your server for our daily soup creation.

Side Salad (vegetarian)$7.95

Mixed greens served with home-style balsamic dressing.

Fresh-out-of-the-oven Pretzel (vegetarian)$4.95

Our famous fresh pretzel with a soft and chewy center.
Served with butter.

Smoked Salmon Rösti$20.95

Crispy fritter-style potato pancakes served with smoked salmon. (Not available for take out or delivery)

Sausage Platter$19.95

Selection of Thuringer bratwurst, Bavarian smokie, weisswurst,
and Bavarian meatloaf. Served with red cabbage and sauerkraut.


Bratwurst sausage served with curry ketchup and French fries.

Sauerkraut Potato Balls (vegetarian) $9.95

Sauerkraut Potato Balls served with beer-cheese dip.


Bavarian Pork Hock$32.95

Crispy oven roasted pork hock served with sauerkraut and
pan-fried potatoes.

Bavarian Meatloaf$17.95

Served with 2 sunny side up eggs and pan-fried potatoes.

Thuringer Bratwurst$16.45

Served with pan-fried potatoes, sauerkraut, and German mustard.

Cheese Spatzle (vegetarian)$20.45

Traditional egg noodles covered in melted Swiss cheese.
Served with fried onions and mixed green salad.

Alpen Poutine (vegetarian)$9.95

French Fries topped with our signature creamy mushroom sauce and melted cheese.
Add your protein:
+ Shredded Pork Hock $5.50

Alpen Club Burger$18.95

Breaded pork schnitzel topped with lettuce, tomato,
red onion, and mayo on a pretzel bun, served with French fries.
Exchange French fries to Yam fries or Green Salad for extra $1.50, Alpen Poutine for an extra $2.50.

Vegetarian Strudel (Vegetarian) $20.95

Mixed vegetables in puff pastry, served with home-made Bearnaise sauce, mashed potatoes and mixed green salad

Bavarian Pork Hock

Schnitzel “Vienna”



Breaded pork schnitzel served hunter-style, with
mushroom gravy, home-made spatzle and red cabbage.

Schnitzel "Vienna"$23.95

Breaded pork schnitzel, served with pan-fried potatoes,
cranberry sauce and side salad.

Schnitzel "Munich"$24.95

Breaded pork schnitzel served with a sweet mustard and horseradish, pan-fried potatoes, side salad

Chicken Schnitzel$23.95

Breaded served with pan-fried potatoes and seasonal vegetables.


Chicken Nuggets$10.95

6 pieces chicken nuggets made from Canadian chicken breast,
breaded with panko, and served with French fries.


Breaded pork schnitzel served with French fries.

Cheese Spatzle (vegetarian)$9.95

Traditional egg noodles covered in melted Swiss cheese.

Alpen Club Kids MealAlpen Club Kids Meal

Kids Chicken Nuggets

Apple Strudel


German Cheesecake (vegetarian)$10.95

A delicate alternative to the dense American version.
It is creamy and light.

Black Forest Cake (vegetarian)$9.95

Decadent and rich in flavor.

Apple Strudel (vegetarian)$10.95

Our century-old home-style recipe, served with vanilla ice cream.

Take Out Drinks

We are now offering a limited take out beverage menu. You can add the following drinks to any Skip the Dishes and Uber Eats order as well as add them to your pick up order. Purchase of food must be required with any alcoholic beverage and must be 19+ to order. Taxes and bottle deposit are also applicable to all beverage purchases.

Krombacher Single (500ML) - 4.8% ABV $5.45
Krombacher 6 Pack$27.50

Krombacher Pilsner has a crisp clean taste thanks to the pure felsquellwasser (mountain spring water). It has a full flavoured aroma, light in hops and malts and has a peppery finish.

Kolsch - Off the Rail Brewery Single (473ML) - 4.8% ABV$5.95
Kolsch - Off the Rail Brewery 6 Pack $30.95

Fermented with a German Ale yeast and cold conditioned, Off the Rail’s Kolsch is a clean delicious beer that blends pilsner and wheat malts and Tettnanger hops. A light easy drinking Ale that finishes like a lager.

Growers Dry Apple Single (330ML) - 7% ABV$4.95
Growers Dry Apple 4 Pack $17.95

Tart and refreshing, this crisp apple cider is bursting with bold and refreshing orchard aromas and flavours.

Tollo Sangiovese (1L) - 12.5% ABV$33.00

This easy drinking sangiovese has a dark crimson red colour and has notes of dark cherry, plum and spice aromas. A light to medium weight and a dry finish.

Tollo Pino Grigo (1L) - 12.5% ABV$33.00

A light in body with flavours of fresh pears and apples and a clean dry finish with balanced acidity.

Krombacher Non-Alcoholic Single (330ML) $4.50
Krombacher Non-Alcoholic 4 Pack$14.95

A refreshing pilsner beer brewed with natural spring water and Krombacher’s exclusive brewing process as well as the cold, gentle fermentation storage, makes this non-alcoholic beer taste so convincingly good.

Draft Beer (Selection) - Currently only available for Dine In Service

  • Erdinger Weißbier
  • Erdinger Dunkel
  • Hofbräuhaus München Original
  • Krombacher Pils
  • Krombacher Dark
  • Krombacher Radler
  • Stiegl Goldbrau Lager
  • Schoefferhofer Grapefruit Hefeweizen
Alpen Club German BierAlpen Club German Bier

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